Customize your hosting package:

Additional POP email accounts:

PHP scripting support

mysql database

cgi and unix shell

SSL certificate support**

Monthly charge:
Setup charge:

* Email not included with leech service.

** Additional setup fees may apply for SSL hosting

Paypal subscription is the preferred form of payment but checks and money orders are also accepted.

If you are unsure about hosting options please email us first:


Basic hosting includes:

  • 2GB storage space
  • 50GB monthly transfer
  • 10 “virtual” emails (, forwards to another account)
  • 1pop email account (Can be checked with a POP client such as Thunderbird, or Outlook)
  • Comprehensive Webalizer stats
  • SFTP access
  • Fast friendly tech support

Additional services:

  • 1GB additional drive space = $5.00/month
  • 10GB additional drive space = $10.00/month
  • CGI + Shell = $10.00/month
  • PHP = $5.00/month
  • MySQL Database = $5.00/month
  • PHP + MySQL package = $7.00/month ($3.00 off)
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) = $10.00/month + $80.00 setup (certificates purchased separately)
  • Pop3 accounts = $5.00 each/month
  • MP3 streaming – email for quote
  • RTSP streaming – email for quote

help with your web hosting and email setup please click here.