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Quick access chart for network hosting services

Email Setup

Use the following information to set up your pop email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook:

pop server:
username: your system username
password: your system password (provided in account confirmation email)
encryption: SSL

TCP 995

use secure authentication: unchecked
SMTP Server:
connection security: SSL/TLS
Port: 465

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) Setup

SFTP is used to transfer web site files to the server. Site files (html, php, images, etc) must be uploaded to the server before they can be seen on the Web.

Use the following information to set up your SFTP client (such as Aptana, Putty for Windows, FileZilla, or a Linux shell)

sftp server: ftp.yourdomain.ext
your username
your password

DNS (Domain Naming System) Setup

Dotster logo
Glyph recommends

for registering domains.

When registering a new domain. enter the following name servers in your domain registrar’s DNS manager:

*** Make sure these are the only name servers listed in your registrar’s DNS manager page for your domain.

Application Hosting

Web applications such as blogs, forums, and e-commerce shops rely on server-side scripting languages to handle requests and process data.  PHP, Python, Ruby, and Perl are supported.

Database Services

Web applications use databases to efficiently store and retrieve data. MySQL and Postgre SQL are currently supported.  If you have other database requirements please contact us.

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